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How to use this form to launch your ad campaign?

If you have a 15 – 30 seconds commercial video on YouTube or Vimeo, you can start running your commercial on ptimetime TV as soon as tomorrow. A simple application below will let you decide who should see your ads, when and where.

Your video must be between 15-30 seconds long, at least 720p or higher resolution and your video link on YouTube or Vimeo must be public.

Select which networks you want to run your ads on. If you want to target people watching sports, you can select only sports channels. Or if your potential customers prefer to watch news all the time; than you can select news networks.

Once you select your networks, you can start selecting your target audience by their demographics, their interests, purchase types and even by their political views. We use 30 different data platforms including Experian, Nielsen, Acxiom, Neustar, VisualDNA, Dataline, and many more to target the right individuals to define who will see your video ads.

Select the locations where you want to run your ads on. You can target as small as a zip code; or you can go with a nationwide campaign and let the whole country know about your organisation.

Finally, you can select which days of the week and what times of the day you want them to see your ads. Unlike traditional TV ad placement systems, where they charge you higher price for primetime TV spots, we keep your cost the same for all time-slots. It doesn’t matter when they see it, you pay the same.

Please enter your total campaign budget which defines how many times your ad will run. You can see the total estimated views when you enter your budget.
Once you complete your campaign details, please enter your contact email and payment details. We use secure credit card processing for your payments and we will not charge your card nor start running your ads until your video approved by our partners. Once your video is approved, we will start running your campaign and charge your card. If your video is rejected, you will receive an email from our sales team.

TV Ad Campaign Submission Form

Your Ad Video

Please enter your video details. You can use your video's public YouTube or Vimeo link. Resolution of the video must be at least 720p and between 15 to 30 seconds long.


Target by Age

Your video will be shown to only the people within the certain age range you choose. Please select your audience by their age.


Target by Gender

If your services or products are gender specific, than you can select your audience by their gender.




Select network groups to run your video ad.





Target your audience by their demographics.










Audience Interests

Target people who recently show interest for specific topic or items.








Purchase Types

You can target only people who purchase certain type of items or services.

















Target the exact individuals who in the market to buy vehicles, car parts, tires, and more.






Select where would you run your video ads.



Select Region

Add states, cities or zip codes within your region.


Ad Schedule

Choose when would you run your video ads.








Your ad will run times




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